20 january 2018 — in Athlete

Let's get back to work

My doomed 2017 is now over. San Juan is where everything restarts for me, now with one more project for the future...

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27 june 2017 — in Athlete

Chronichles of a Tricolore (and some advice for Aru)

The beautiful tricolore adventure has come to its natural end, but it has left so much behind in me. To my deserved successor, I would like to say…

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17 may 2017 — in Athlete

Goodbye, Giro

This time, my Corsa Rosa lasted no longer than ten stages. I was looking to honor the Tricolore jersey until the end, but my body had different plans. Giro, I will be back and it will be an all different story – I promise

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23 january 2017 — in Athlete

Good luck!

My knee is not ok yet, so I have to keep patience. My season should have started today in Argentina, but I am sure my teammates will hold their own

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11 january 2017 — in Athlete

Chomping at the bit

A tendinitis is delaying my 2017 season start. But I am raring to go…

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05 october 2016 — in Athlete

From a World Championship to another

A lot has passed from Richmond to Doha. And to be very honest with you...

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28 june 2016 — in Athlete

A Tricolore to invent

The story of an incredible day at the Italian National Championships in Bormio. Now, we have a new jersey to design - and I think I know where to start

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13 june 2016 — in Athlete

From Gippingen to Boario

The success in Gippingen was the best way to approach the upcoming Italian Championships. It will be a big challenge for the Tricolore - and I am in

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02 june 2016 — in Athlete

Another jersey in my closet

Another Giro d'Italia is in the books, leaving another red jersey and plenty of memories - either good or bad

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17 may 2016 — in Athlete

Halfway through the Giro

It’s a strange and evenly-fought Giro, but it still has the best in front of it. And hopefully so we do, with Hesjedal, and also with Nizzolo…

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30 april 2016 — in Athlete

I see Red

The Giro d'Italia is here. Stage win or red jersey? What about both?

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31 march 2016 — in Athlete

See you again soon, Flanders

My campaign in the North ended sooner than I hoped, but now I feel more confident in my potential. I will come back with ambitions

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25 february 2016 — in Athlete

Monsieur pavè

After the training camp in Spain, it’s finally time to face the cobbles of the North

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08 february 2016 — in Athlete, Personality

Win it or lose it…

It might sound clichè, but the support of fans and beloved ones is key for an athlete, and my fans club is really special for me. Now I want a win to dedicate to all of my supporters

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02 february 2016 — in Athlete

A matter of time (zones)

The jet-lag can be an issue at this time of the season... fortunately, it does not affect me that much. Here is why

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30 january 2016 — in Personality

A birthday gift… to earn

The goal of a second Giro d'Italia red jersey is fixed in my mind. Meantime, at the jerseys' presentation I met...

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15 january 2016 — in Athlete

Australia, the atmosphere is… heating up

Final days before the Tour Down Under start, between expectations and... melees

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06 january 2016 — in Style

To beard or not to beard? Facial hair trending among riders

More and more beards and moustaches show up in the peloton. But there might be a reason for that.

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06 january 2016 — in Personality

Welcome, Segafredo!

The importance of the new partnership from an "Italian" point of view

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06 january 2016 — in Athlete

On the starting blocks, with Classics in mind

My learning curve for one-day monuments' ambitions starts now

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