A matter of time (zones)

02 february 2016
Categories: Athlete

I barely got re-accustomed to my home,  and it’s time to fly again and reach a new hotel – as luxurious as it might be. I am writing from Dubai, where tomorrow we tackle the first of four stages between skyscrapers and desert: in common between Australia and here there’s only the heat, but personally I like it.

Some sprint finishes are in store, and we can rely on the quality kilometres we made at the Tour Down Under: I feel confident to be in the mix for something good.

In this time of the year, sleeping is not such an easy job too. Think about it a little: over a 10-day span, I went from Australia (14 hours behind Italy), to my home and then to Dubai (3 hours behind). And tomorrow we race. Considering the little rest between the races, the jet lag can hit hard on you if you can’t metabolize it.

On my side, it seems like my body works the opposite way compared to everyone else: people are more at ease with jet lags moving westbound, while I do eastbound.  I never struggled in Australia, to say one, but I always have troubles when travelling to the United States. The last sample of that was last year at the Worlds in Richmond: we got there one week ahead of the race and, looking back, I can say it was too little for me. As a matter of fact, I got back into rhythm only on the eve of the race, on Saturday: I don’t know if it would have made a difference, but it’s certainly something I will keep in mind for the future.

On the other hand, the Worlds will be staged eastbound this year, in Qatar… and it will be hot. But I got sooo much to prove before thinking of that…. Possibly starting from tomorrow.