Welcome, Segafredo!

06 january 2016
Categories: Personality

Five seasons as a pro maybe aren’t such a long time, but possibly enough to start making considerations on what has changed into cycling over this time, and particularly close to me. When in 2011, the (then) Leopard-Trek team wanted me, and gave me the opportunity to become professional in a World Tour team, I felt lucky and humbled: now, I realize that I really was, much more than I thought.

Reality is pretty clear: in Italy, we have only one World Tour team left, and plenty of talented guys had to give up because they could not find a spot in the professional ranks, or because they were affected by some “hidden” mechanisms. In such a juncture for Italian cycling, a brand like Segafredo choosing to invest in cycling – in our team – can send a very important message.

I had the pleasure of attending the press conference where the new partnership was officialized, and to personally meet a true sports fan like Segafredo President Massimo Zanetti. Visiting the company, I could realize how serious they are in getting into cycling with ambitions: if we will manage to give them the results they hope, I believe that Segafredo might become a big player in cycling for several years.

As an Italian rider who always raced in a foreign team, the presence of Segafredo makes me feel a little more like home. More importantly, I hope that such a big company landing into cycling might pave the way for more similar operations by other Italian players, giving opportunities to youngsters who have the quality and desire to make cycling their living. That would be great news for the whole Italian movement. So I really feel like saying: Welcome, Segafredo!