Good luck!

23 january 2017
Categories: Athlete

How do you feel? Everybody is asking that. I usually answer the same way: “Well, except for the knee…

I hoped it would be behind me by now, but this tendinitis is proving harder to beat than I thought. I am not in bad pain, but an ailment is there – more or less intense depending on the days – suggesting me to think twice before pushing hard on pedals.

I have returned from Spain some days before the plan: after three days of training, technicals and doctors advised me to continue with the therapies. That’s what I am doing, and I think it’s slowly getting better. I have another visit scheduled on Tuesday: if the outcome is good, I will get back on my bike on Wednesday.

Now it is sure that my season won’t begin in Dubai, and probably not even in Algarve. But I hope the next time I will restart for good, and finally put on some quality work.

Ironically, according to the pre-season schedule I should have made my season debut today, at the Tour de San Juan. It is hard to stand out looking, but I am now experienced enough to know that playing down some indications from your body is not the best option on the long term. I need to recover, and I will do it at my best, while knowing that my Trek-Segafedo teammates will keep holding their own in Argentina, just like they did in Australia.

Good luck guys!