Monsieur pavè

25 february 2016
Categories: Athlete

I am feeling good. Ten days of very good work regenerated me, in every way: the packed calendar in the early weeks of the season left little time to recollect and focus on individual work, so these days with Boy Van Poppel, Marco Coledan Trek-Segafredo’s coach Josu Larrazabal really helped me to recenter the bubble.

For those who see our World from the outside, it is difficult to realize how short the gaps between the races can be. Like everyone, when we get home we have a list of ordinary stuff to deal with (particularly if you have been away for a while), in addition to the commitments related to our life as athletes. So, on the eve of 40 crucial days for my season, I took the chance to get in the zone and just focus on the upcoming goals.

As you may have guessed, I am quite satisfied. From this year, I have started to work with Josu in a more intense and proficient way, and this training programme is giving me very encouraging feelings. For an athlete, it is hugely important: the more you get on the same page with your trainer, the more you trust him, the more you can focus solely on quality. It’s like showing up for an exam with full confidence in having done the very best you could to prepare it. It makes a difference.

Now – unsurprisingly – the scenario has changed again. Spain is in the books, I just passed by home to change my luggage and yesterday in the morning I hit the road in Belgium, on the route of Saturday’s Het Nieuwsblad, aka the season debut on cobbles. Both for Saturday and Sunday – at Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne - we will field a strong and motivated team: our Belgian riders are chomping at the bit, but it will be a very important test for me too, a “thermometer” for my ambitions in this kind of races.

About thermometers: yesterday we found sunny conditions on the route, though the air was chilly. I did not dare to check the weather forecast… but actually, who cares. I will be ready for the exam, in any case. Confident for a good performance.