Another jersey in my closet

02 june 2016
Categories: Athlete

Che Giro d’Italia è stato? Un buon Giro, che ha confermato le mie credenziali come atleta che lotta, che si batte arrivo dopo arrivo, e che sa guadagnarsi opportunità anche su arrivi meno adatti ai cosiddetti velocisti puri. Avrei sicuramente preferito che si concludesse in una maniera diversa. Ma di questo ho già speso più parole di quanto avrei voluto.

What was this Giro d’Italia like for me? A nice Giro, that where I managed to reconfirm myself as a resilient and consistent rider, who battles every day and also capable to earn opportunity on finishes where pure sprinters are ruled out. Yes of course – I would have loved to conclude it in a different way. But I am not looking to spend other words on that.

I look into my closet, and there’s one more red jersey inside. It’s not there by a case. I wanted it, as did the Team, particularly since the Giro did not pan out quite as planned for Trek-Segafredo.  It’s a results of 3 weeks of consistency and determination, and that’s why it has a special value for me, particularly as I managed to retain it after 2015. Whatever choices I will make in the future in terms of calendar, and beyond, these successes will always be a part of me.

More than anything else, what stroke me about this Giro is the affection and support of the fans, as warm and generous with me as ever, from the start to the end. Their words, smiles, messages on the social networks, are out to prove that our efforts are not in vain – regardless of the result of the day – and that what we do actually leaves a mark in the people’s heart.

Among that, the incredible start in Muggiò stands out. It was the first time in my career when the Giro d’Italia started so close to the place where I was raised, and it was such an amazing show. People everywhere, barriers shaking of enthusiasm where the riders came by, a beautiful party to which everybody – really, everybody – took part in. The Giacomo Nizzolo Fans Club also had a huge role, along with the Muggio’s municipality, in making it such a special occasion. I hope this experience will help to bring the Giro back to Brianza soon, as the passion of all those people really deserves it.

Meantime, today I am picking up my bike and heading out to Boario, to discover the route of the upcoming Italian Road Championships, to be raced on June 26th. I don’t’ know it personally yet, but someone says it might suit me… so today I will make up my mind. And in a few weeks, we will see.