Win it or lose it…

08 february 2016
Categories: Athlete, Personality

It might sound clichè, but the support of fans and beloved ones is key for an athlete, and my fans club is really special for me. Now I want a win to dedicate to all of my supporters

Needless to say, I was really pissed on Sunday, and I am still trying to get over it. Under Dubai’s skyscrapers, a big win for prestige and morale vanished in a matter of a few hundredths of meters. With Sunday’s, it’s seven podiums in twelve days of racing this year. A win would have fit pretty good in that, don’t you think?

These days confirmed that I am where I should be in terms of condition, that I worked well over the Winter, and that I am competitive even on demanding routes and finishes. Now it's just about time to win, and I feel that it's not far away: I had never been so strong so early in the season in my career, and I can't wait to dedicate new achievements to all my fans, who are giving me an unbelievable support.

Both after taking the leader’s jersey in Hatta Dam and after Sunday’s disappointment, I received a huge number of messages full of confidence and sympathy, through every channel and media. Fans are an integral part of our glory days, as well as of our defeats. When you win, the people’s embrace gives the perception of what you have managed to do: it makes it real. When you lose, their words and “pats on the back” almost hurt you at first, but eventually help you to recollect, and finally understand that in every finish there’s a lesson to learn and to restart from.

Among my fans, there is a specific group that is really close to my heart: it’s my Fans Club, funded several years ago and managed by my uncle Paolo. They meet in Brianza, near to where I used to live as a kid, for initiatives related to my activity, to cheer for me in the most important races, and to share experiences and moments of real cycling passion.

On Wednesday February 10th, the Giacomo Nizzolo Fans Club will gather at the Auditorium in Muggiò (MB) at 20.30, for the season presentation and enrollment night: I will be there, of course, and as usual I hope to meet many old and new friends. The fans club’s official t-shirt looks really cool this year – you can see a sneek peek up here: hopefully many of you will wear it during the season – “supporting Nizzolo responsibly”!

After that, I will leave to Spain for some days of training, and then the “Campaign of the North” will start. The goal is crystal clear: to get rid of that “zero”. As soon as possible!