Giacomo Nizzolo, the personality

The two wheels have always been part of Giacomo’s life, but just a part of it was related to pedals. His father, Franco, is a former motorbike rider, and it did not take long for little Giacomo to get familiar on saddle –of a moto.

And even when the passion of his uncle Paolo leads him to discover cycling and his sheer talent, motorbikes still remained very significant element in Giacomo’s life: a passion that might be difficult to match with a pro rider career, but constantly nurtured by reading his beloved magazines and ‘treating’ his father’s motorbikes. Bikes, motorbike, and more: characterizing Giacomo since his early age was his attention and taste for fashion, style and refined accessories (watches ,in first place).

Friends have always been important for Giacomo, many of them having shared with him all the way from childhood to here. 

Not the only one, though: in Calò Brianza (Italy), Giacomo Nizzolo’s Official Fan Club was funded by his uncle Paolo, whose components Giacomo meets in several occasions over the year. Discreet in his private life as much as he is open and available to the public, Nizzolo always tries to find time for the media and his fans, both in person and through the net. Social Networks are not Giacomo’s greatest passion, but he is gradually leaning towards them with more attention and curiosity. There’s also room for solidarity in Nizzolo’s life: Giacomo is an active supporter of Marina Romoli Onlus, as well as other charity initiative.

Giacomo's world