Elegance, according to Giacomo

Style for Giacomo is a constant pursuit for beauty,  an actual feel for his own look, always daring with something peculiar. His mother, Marina, told that, from the time he started to make his own money, the stop at his friend Moreno’s boutique has become a regular one for Giacomo. This might sound new to those who only know Nizzolo as a rider, but it’s something Giacomo’s friends are very familiar with. Between casual chic and urban, with a special attention to refined accessories, Giacomo diversifies his appearance with style, never indulging into banality. His attention to details can sometimes show even into the race: many fans will remember the special “Roulette” helmet, realized by BarzaDesign, Giacomo wore in his Worlds’ debut in Richmond. And that’s for sure: sooner or later, his number will eventually come out.